Alumni of the Laboratory for Computational Motor Control


Goran S. Dordevic (Djordjevic)


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Opher Donchin, Wilsaan Joiner, Greg Ariff, Bardia Behabadi, Stephanie Wainscott, Reza (with Alexander), Goran and family.  Strawberry picking near Baltimore, June 2000




Goran joined the lab in 2000 as a postdoc.  He worked on mechanical design, construction, and control of a six-legged running robot.  The robot achieved the speed of six body lengths per second.  He also worked on measuring changes in feedback control of the arm during motor adaptation.  He subsequently became a faculty member in the University of Nis.  He is currently Professor of Electronic Engineering, and head of the Control Engineering group, University of Nis, Serbia.


The results of his research were published in the following papers:

Parametric models for motion planning and control in biomimetic robotics. GS Dordevic, M Rasic, and R Shadmehr (2005) IEEE Transactions in Robotics 21:80-92. Abstract 


Learning dynamics of reaching movements results in the modification of arm impedance and long-latency perturbation responses. T Wang, GS Dordevic, and R Shadmehr (2001) Biological Cybernetics 85:437-448.  Abstract